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Doctors have searched for ways to increase their income while providing an added-value benefit to their patient care. Now, VantageRx can meet this goal with its complete turn-key system to dispense medications directly to your patients in your office. We offer two programs.

1) Online Adjudication Program

Designed for all physicians, mainly for insured patients but also for cash paying patients. In less time than it takes to answer a call or fax from a pharmacy, learn how to dispense medications directly to your patients in your office! We are online with most insurance companies and payors.

Physician Video

2) In-Office Dispensing

Elective Procedures . designed specifically for cosmetic surgeons (or any physician seeing a large percentage of patients for elective procedures). This program works by 1) "bundling" our product into the price of the procedure, 2) charging a co-pay, or 3) charging cash (less than retail at the pharmacy).

Elective Procedures Video

The 3-minute video above shows you how to increase your bottom line by 20% when you dispense medications directly to your cash paying patients for their elective and cosmetic procedures. After viewing this video, you will never look at writing prescriptions or dispensing medication the same again. You will see how to immediately reduce your staff's workload, improve patient care and dramatically increase your income.

Improve Patient Care

  • Save Your Patients Time - patients no longer travel to a pharmacy
  • Ensure Patient Compliance - 38% of patients never fill prescriptions

Increase Your Income

Surgical Procedure National Avg. Fee % Increase to NET Income
Liposuction $2,223 29.91%
Nose Reshaping $3,332 19.95%
Breast Augmentation $3,373 19.71%

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