Any healthcare provider who prescribes medications to patients may be eligible for our dispensing service where state laws permit.

VantageRx Online Dispensing

The VantageRx Dispensing Program is designed to keep the cost of processing to a minimum. This is best achieved through saving staff time with our Online Dispensing Program. Some of its features include:

  • Simple 3-step dispensing process
  • Barcode scanning for minimum data entry
  • EMR and PM integration
  • Electronic payment and adjudication processing
  • Automated inventory ordering and management


In less than one second, you can:

  • Adjudicate Online with most carriers
    • Verify patient is currently insured
    • Ensures patient doesn’t receive early refills
    • Verifies medications are covered under formulary
    • Identifies any conflicts with other recently prescribed medications
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification and Authorization Process. Our application is online with PBM’s and receives eligibility, formulary verification and payment authorization under one second.

How It Works

Your staff inputs the three data elements written on your patients' drug card:

  • BIN #: Indicates to our system which switch to utilize
  • PCN #: Indicates which PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) is contracted to process claims
  • Group ID #: Indicates the following:
    • Which carrier is at risk
    • Which health plan is utilized
    • The employer group
    • The authorized formulary
    • Employee and dependent eligibility

Do You Have Questions? See the most frequently asked questions about our program.

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